Easy no-bake Easter cooking ideas for kids

These easy no-bake recipes are a fun Easter activity for kids during the school holidays. Get the children into the kitchen to do some kid-friendly cooking with these Easter treats and desserts everyone will enjoy.


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No-bake Easter treats

The Easter holidays are a perfect time to get the children in the kitchen and make some fun kids recipes. These no-bake recipes are easy and delicious, and the kids can exercise their creative skills by choosing their own colours and decorations. Choose from easy slices, cute bunny-shaped chocolate crackles, rocky road and more.
3D crackle Easter bunnies
If you're ready for a bit more of a challenge, these adorable 3D Easter bunnies are ready to hop into your Easter basket. The recipe is still easy and no-bake, but rolling and decorating these cuties will take a bit more time and attention to detail.
Play Video: White Crackle Bunnies
Chocolate Crackle Bunnies
These super cute bunnies and eggs are a great Easter treat! Let the children choose what colours they want to use, then let them decorate their own snacks with candies or dried fruits.
Play Video: Chocolate Crackle Bunnies
Triple Layered Easter Chocolate Crackle Slice
With three separate layers, this recipe has lots of opportunities for adding ingredients, stirring, spreading and spoon licking! Something even the real littlies can have fun with.
Play Video: Chocolate Crackle Slice
Chocolate Crackle Popcorn
These cute little snacks are made in different colours, so each kid can have their own bowl of mixture to stir and shape – no need to take turns or fight over mixing rights.
Play Video: Chocolate Crackle Popcorn
Be prepared with these Easter activities for the kids and get ready to make tasty treats and great memories together! For more ideas, we have even more nostalgic kids recipes below.
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